One of our guidelines is to offer our customers the best service possible concerning bidding formalities at our auctions. Bids can be submitted in written form (by letter, fax or email).

52Titelbild All bids for lots with lot number 1 to 15744
must be received at our office in written form
(letter, email, fax) before 7 p.m. on October 01, 2020


You can use an auction agent

Herbert Fischer
Neumühlstrasse 38
63636 Brachttal-Neuenschmidten
Phone: 06054 / 917598
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lorenz Kirchheim
Op de Höh 21
22395 Hamburg
Phone: 040 / 64532545
Fax: 040 / 64532241
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does a Live Auction via the Internet work?

At our auctions you have the possibility to bid through the Internet as if you were sitting in our auction hall. The end of an auction is no longer determined by a fixed time but by our virtual auctioneer. All items out of the categories “collections and lots”, i.e. lots num­bered 30000 and up, will be auctioned off LIVE. The lots are put up for auction in the order of their numbers (starting with lot #30000). Everyone who has registered for the Live Auction at and whose computer fulfills the technical requirements can participate and bid.

Online bidding via the Internet
You can bid as usual until the auction starts. You can also place higher bids – bidding is always done in your favor.

READY – SET- GO... the virtual auctioneer automatically starts a few minutes before the Live Auction begins and so you are able to start directly by clicking the link to the auction room.
All lots from #30000 and up are put up for auction now and are awarded to the highest bidder. You can check your account statement and the history of all bids you have made in real-time. By clicking on the “BIETEN”-BUTTON you bid on the lot that appears on the screen. The auctioneer offers each lot three times: going once, going twice, going three times – sold! Each lot is awarded to the highest bidder by the hammer price on three.

Connect to our website at and register until October 01, 2020 at the latest!


Starting prices

If the starting price is indicated as a “Gebot“ the minimum bid is 5 euros. Bids less than 5 euros will not be accepted.The lot is awarded to the person bidding the highest price. However, we will adjust this price downwards to ensure the successful bidder pays only one increment higher than the second highest bid, i.e. if you bid 50 euros and nobody else bids on the same lot, it will be awarded to you for 5 euros. If you bid 50 euros and the second highest bid is 10 euros, the lot will be awarded to you for 12 euros, as you only have to pay one additional increment.

Please check our bidding increments carefully before submitting your bids. Bids not corresponding to our bidding increments are automatically increased to the next increment!

Bidding increments:

„Gebot“ = 5 euros to 10 euros 1 euros
From 10 euros to 50 euros 2 euros
From 50 euros to 100 euros 5 euros
From 100 euros to 500 euros 10 euros
From 500 euros to 1000 euros 50 euros
From 1000 euros to 5000 euros 100 euros
From 5000 euros to 9500 euros 500 euros
From 10000 euros   1000 euros

Please take into consideration that we deal with old postcards that can show signs of usage. The descriptions in the catalogue are made with the best of our knowledge and belief but can not be guaranteed.
The lots for auction may be viewed and examinded prior to the auction. Please use this service to get your personal idea of the auctioned items.



I = mint; perfect card.
I -  = excellent; like mint, but very light aging.
I – II    = very good, but small compression, slight stains, very little adhesive residues on the verso  
II   = good, slight compression & slight crease. Corners may be blunt or
rounded. Adhesive residues on recto/verso, traces of cancellation.



= used. Corners are noticeable blunt or rounded with noticeable bends or creases.
Stains and initial tearing are visible. Postcard was mended and cut and shows

Technical terms:

Stauchung/en  compression
Mittelbug crease
Stempeldurchdruck traces of cacellation / postmark
Kleiner Riss small tear
Reißnagelloch pinhole
Fleckig stains
Klebereste RS / VS adhesive residues on recto/verso
Marke entfernt stamp removed
Marke teilweise entfernt                       stamp removed partially
Repariert repaired
Beschnitten cut, imperforate
Ecken abgestoßen blunt corners