Please note that this translation is provided for information; only the German text of "Allgemeine Versteigerungsbedingungen" is mandatory. 

  1. The auction takes place voluntarily, on behalf and for account of a third party and against immediate payment in Euro. Payment by instalments may only be granted by prior agreement with the auctioneer.
  2. The lots are awarded to the highest bidder by hammer price. If two bids are identical, the first one received will take precedence. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to award a lot or to withdraw, recombine and divide lots. In the event of misunderstandings, the auctioneer is entitled to auction off the lots again. The minimum bid is 6 euros. Bids less than 6 euros will not be accepted.
  3. Our bidding increments must be accepted (see catalogue pg 7 “Bidding increments”). The bidding is always done in your favor. Bids not corresponding to our bidding increments are automatically increased to the next increment.
  4. The buyer’s premium is 23,8% of the hammer price; an additional charge of 2,38 euros  per lot plus any shipping costs. All items are subject to different taxation according  25a UStG; no VAT becomes due. This regulation only applies for customers in the EU. For our Swiss customers and customers outside the EU the regulations of Stade Auktionen GmbH, Bärmeggenweg 6, CH-4314 Zeiningen apply
  5. The purchase order contract between the auctioneer and the buyer becomes valid with the knockdown. At the moment of knockdown all risks concerning losses or damage are at the responsibility of the buyer. In case of bidding for a third party, both buyer and third party are liable. Bidders receive a pre-payment invoice that is due to immediate payment. The ownership of the auctioned goods will only be transferred to the buyer when full payment has been effected.
  6. The awarded lots are due to payment within 5 days upon receipt of the auction invoice. Alternatively the buyer can confer a SEPA direct debit mandate in favour of Stade Auktionen e.K. The direct debit procedure will be effected in full within 10 days upon receipt of the auction invoice. The term of pre-notification will be within 2 days. Sufficient funds have to be ensured by the buyer. All costs for negative bookings or non-payment will be at buyer's expense unsless having been caused by Stade Auktionen e.K. If payment has not been effected 3 weeks after the auction at the latest, the auctioneer may demand the non-performance and take legal action. (€ 5,- reminder fee and 1,5% of the invoice amount will be charged).
  7. Should the obligatory acceptance be refused, the auctioneer can decide whether after a set period, compensation will be charged due to non-fulfilment. The damages can be regulated in such a manner that the lots are taken into a future auction and the debtor is charged the difference between the knockdown bid and the previous bid as well as the costs connected with this transaction, including the charges of the auctioneer. There is no demand for higher realizations.
  8. The auction lots have been described carefully and conscientiously, however the auctioneer cannot be held responsible for any faults or attest the authenticity.
  9. Complaints must be received no later than eight days upon receipt of the lots involved. The lots which are subject of the complaint must be submitted in their original condition and the contents must be unchanged, otherwise no complaints will be permitted.
  10. The lot numbers and bids must be entered properly on the bid form and are to be rechecked for correctness by the bidders. No complaints will be accepted due to incorrect lot numbers or bids in the bid form.
  11. Any claims against the supplier or the auctioneer must be received within six weeks after the auction.
  12. Collections or collective lots are excluded from complaints.
  13. Lots will not be shipped for previewing.
  14. Until the auction takes place, the auctioned goods are locked away at our business premises at Markgrafenstraße 5, 79639 Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany. The auctioned goods may be viewed at our office up to around 3 weeks before the auction, by prior telephone notification.
  15. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude people from the auction without giving any reason. The auction terms are binding for suppliers, auction participants and bidders, without written acceptance. By the submission of written bids, on issue of purchase contracts or for bidding personally at the auction, our general auction conditions are recognized and accepted.
  16. The area of jurisdiction is Lörrach, Germany and the place of fulfilment is Grenzach-Wyhlen, Germany. The contract of auction is subject to German law.

 Please join us for a trip

…to the fascinating world of old picture postcards and discover philatelic treasures again and again. If you collect motives you will swoon over more than 6,000 motive postcards stemming from all collection areas: Mountain Faces, Aviation, WW II, Judaism, Erotic etc. From A to Z you will discover everything, a collector’s heart could wish for. Apart from a fine selection of art postcards, you will always find a wide range of exciting and impressive philatelic materials that have been entrusted to us by private collectors.

Stade Auctions: Bidding via the internet turns auctions into an event

One of our guidelines is to offer our customers the best service possible concerning bidding formalities at our auctions. Bids can be submitted in written form (by letter, fax or email).

It has always been part of our strategy to transform our auctions into an event and to connect bidders of old picture postcards worldwide. Since our international clientele does not always have the possibility to attend the auction personally, they can bid “live” by phone and through the Internet. They always have the feeling they are taking part in our auction business, a service that is very much appreciated by our international clientele.

Please do not hesitate to contact us from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

You would like to sell your old picture postcards, stamps or coins? We are always looking for interesting single items, stocks, collections and complete estates.

Please contact us (Mr. Fred Egen T. 0049 / 7624-9895870, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before offering or sending your items. First of all we would like to answer frequently asked questions concerning the purchase.

1. General remarks concerning the purchase

Please understand that we cannot accept less than a hundred postcards. Stamps and coins should be offered as collections in albums. We don’t buy single stamps or coins. We are only interested in single gold or silver coins (purchase at the current daily price).

Scans are appreciated as advance information but please understand that we need more than a scan for a final decision to purchase postcards, stamps or coins from you.

We are not prepared to give detailed information on prices without having seen the offered items. We think that it isn’t serious to offer a global price without having seen the items. Of course, you can give us your personal asking price.

2. How does the purchase work?

We look forward to your visit in our premises in Grenzach-Wyhlen to purchase your postcards. If you don’t live nearby, we recommend sending them by parcel:

Parcels are automatically insured up to 500 euros (an upgrade for a higher value can easily be made at the post office). Don’t forget your address and a note with the number of postcards, your asking price and your phone number. In case of non-purchase, the items will be returned at our expense.

3. How old do the postcards have to be?

The postcards should be printed before 1970. It doesn’t matter whether they are written on the back or postmarked. It is much more important that the postcards are in a worth collecting condition.

4. You want to sell a complete collection or estate?

Clients or traders who have built up valuable and unique collections and would like to sell them are invited to contact us. We have been justifying our clients’ trustfulness for many years through integrity, solvency and the best market knowledge available in the field.


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We are one of the leading auction houses in the world for picture postcards and philatelic items. Our auctions have an excellent reputation for buyers as well as for sellers by offering excellent customer service with a personal touch. Furthermore, you can rely on decades of experience, discretion and success. In our last auction more than 48,000 bids were submitted to us from all over the world with a sales rate of about 90%.

The demand for high quality postcards, stamps and coins is stronger than ever and can hardly be met. Now is a peak time for consignors of high quality single lots and substantial collections and you should not hesitate to consign for one of our forthcoming Stade-Auctions.


Consigning to Stade Auctions – it’s easier than you might think.
Here are the most important steps

1. Contact
We look forward to your visit in our premises in Grenzach-Wyhlen. For especially large and valuable consignments we can make an appointment and come to your home at your convenience.

You can send us your consignments by standard parcel service (insured up to 500 euros – higher insurances can easily be made at the post office) or you can use a private carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). Should you have any questions regarding dispatch and customs, do not hesitate to contact us. (0049-7624-98 95 870 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

2. Advance Payment
We are prepared to offer advance payment for items of special interest.

3. Insurance
We take out a special full coverage insurance policy for the consignment

4. Preparation of the consignment
We would like to have your postcards sold at the best market prices. Thus we reserve the right to divide and recombine lots according to the market conditions.

5. Contract
Up to this point there are no costs or obligations involved for you. Only after having decided to go for a best possible auction sale, we will arrange for a written contract

6. Preparation and presentation in the auction catalogue
After that, your items will be carefully examined and prepared for the auction sale. Detailed lot descriptions as well as high quality pictures guarantee an optimal presentation of your items in the auction catalogue.

7. Consignment confirmation and auction catalogue
About 4 weeks prior to the auction you will receive a detailed consignment confirmation as well as our auction catalogue.

8. Results
All results are available online directly after auction’s close. We are also glad to send you a printed version of the result list.

9. Final payment
Final payment will follow 6-8 weeks after the auction either by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information.